Origin of the Company Name

Origin of the Company Name


Corporate Logomark

Our corporate brand "SocioFuture" is a coined word of Socio (society) and Future (future). It embodies our goal of realizing a better, sustainable society in the future.Brand colors and a brand statement are used as visual symbols in the SocioFuture corporate logo. Blue, the brand color in the logo, is inspired by the spreading blue sky, symbolizing the creativity and advanced technology to see the future of SocioFuture Group.


Brand Statement Logomark

The brand statement, “Advanced technology & management Japan,” is a coined word, combining “advanced”, “technology”, “management” and “Japan” (from Japan to the world, and vice versa). It signifies SocioFuture's strong will for further challenge and growth, based on the know-how and trust that we have cultivated since establishment.